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Arab Dating and Arab Lounge Tips


At some point, you will make the transition from Arab dating and Arab Lounge to marriage. Here are some things you should know to ensure you have a long and happy union.


1. Quality Time


Between work, children and other obligations, quality time together is one of the first things to go. However, in order to remain in tune with your spouse, you must spend time with each other.


2. Learn to Listen


Too often people assume they are correct or infallible. Recognize the validity of your partner’s perspective and learn to acknowledge it.


3. Pick Your Battles


Remember, not every fight is worth having and sometimes, it’s better to leave a situation be.


4. Healthy and Effective Communication


If you cannot tell your spouse what is on your mind and vice versa, it will be nearly impossible to effectively resolve issues.


5. Trust and Security


You and your spouse should have a mutual and equal level of trust in each other. Your partner should feel secure in sharing intimate thoughts with you.


6. Sense of Humor


Laughing is the medicine for the soul. Make each other laugh as often as possible, especially after a disagreement.


7. Commitment and Devotion


Commit to giving the time, effort and attention your relationship needs to thrive and survive. Be willing to get through the tough times and fully enjoy the good moments.


8. Do the Little Things


Never stop holding the door open for each other or calling when your flight lands. These small gestures convey love and concern for the other.


9. Continue Dating Each Other


Dates aren’t just for Arab singles. Even if you schedule a weekly date night, continue taking the time to treat your spouse to a lovely evening.


10. Time Apart


When you live together for decades, it is natural to need time alone. It allows for self-reflection and personal growth, which are important for a happy Arab marriage.


Marriage isn’t always easy, but it can be the most beautiful experience of your life. Keep these tips in mind as you navigate your everlasting union. © 2002-2024